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  • Aynsley Fisher

A Kid's Guide To Phytonutrients and the Power of Plants (The Superbowl)

What makes a food super, I know you will ask

It’s food with a mission to multi-task.

To earn such a name, it’s good at hard work,

It helps us grow strong and be wise with our forks.

Superfoods are food heroes who fight every day

Against the bad apples who get in their way.

It’s a little confusing, some say complicated

but important to know, so you’ll be educated.

I know you have heard that not all food is healthy

And there are quite a few things not great for our bellies.

They are loaded with things that will tempt you to eat

Sugary foods and salty, fried treats.

Refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats,

Like white bread, and butter and yucky trans-fats.

They stress your body and damage your cells

Inviting the mayhem that can make you unwell.

The bad guys are strong, they are wily, they’re crafty,

Free radicals some, they’re unbalanced and scrappy.

They don’t play by the rules, which makes things unfair

Like dominoes falling, they wreck cells with no care.

The good news is that superfoods are in play

Plant-based whole foods on your plate every day.

Plant-based you say? Yes, you heard it exact

Our strongest defense comes from plants, it’s a fact!

Food is powerful medicine, I know it sounds strange

If we make the best choices, we make positive change.

Fill your bowl up with a rainbow, it is the best way

To get superfoods working for you every day.

There are superfood teams, let’s name a few

It will help you know how to root for your food.

Their names are unusual, some hard to spell

It’s important to know what they can do well.

On the field first we meet Team Lycopene

Their color is red and they’re a dream team.

They are fast, they are strong and all get along

They work as a team, together so strong.

Antioxidant friends, they have true super skills

To fight the free radicals attacking our cells.

Watermelon, guavas, red peppers and more

Tomatoes, papaya and grapefruit will score.

So eat your pizza, spaghetti and chili

Papaya and guava are fruits that sound silly.

Eat grapefruit for breakfast or drink it as juice

Watermelon’s a favorite, the seeds you can spit!

Who doesn’t love hummus, there are so many kinds

Roasted red pepper will make you feel fine.

Let’s cheer for the red team that we know will play well

Working hard every day to better our health.

Team Beta-carotene won’t roll off the tongue

Their color is orange and they have lots of fun.

Antioxidant friends, they have super skills

To fight the free radicals after our cells.

They protect our immune system, vision and more

Our skin and our bones they will play hard for.

Carrots and squash and pumpkins for sure

Apricots, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes galore.

But wait, there are others on Team Beta-C

Spinach and kale and collard greens.

If you look at their jerseys, you will see

The main color is orange but some names are in green.

Lutein is next, let’s call them the green team

They are hard working players, good sports, never mean.

They protect your eyes so you can see

Their strongest players are dark leafy greens.

Think about spinach and kale and collards, that’s right

Working hard to protect your precious eyesight.

In addition to greens, there are other strong folks

Brussels sprouts, broccoli and artichokes.

Is your bowl feeling super, is it full of great stuff?

Overflowing with vegetables, fruit and some nuts?

Does it look like a rainbow? If it doesn’t add more

More colors, more choices, more fresh food for sure.

Anthocyanins next, red, purple and blue

Antioxidants too, they work hard for you.

They fight inflammation and are good for your heart

They fight against cancer and do their part.

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, more

Raspberries and cherries, now we have four.

Cranberries, currants, red grapes, what’s that?

Pomegranate seeds are delicious for snack.

Quercetin is next and their team is large

A flavonoid, they will lead the charge.

They keep your bones strong and are good for your heart

They fight against cancer and that makes them smart.

Eat your apples and berries and drink your tea

Eat stinky onions and that might make you sneeze.

Cauliflower and cabbage, you know you will love

It’s the smelly things that are really so tough.

As you can see, every day starts anew

To make the best choices when it comes to your food.

It’s important to know what food’s on your side

That will use their good powers so you’ll grow and thrive.

Phytochemicals, superfoods, antioxidants too

All different ways to say a food’s good for you.

Good health and well-being is our ultimate goal

So eat a rainbow of colors in your super bowl!

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