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  • Aynsley Fisher

Caffeine Levels In Your Favorite Coffees and Teas

We all have our favorite beverages, the drinks prepared just the way we like, to start our mornings off right or to pick us up throughout the day. Our recommended daily intake of caffeine shouldn't exceed 400 mg, so before you reach for another cup of coffee or team, consider the caffeine levels.

The following is based on one 8 oz serving for each beverage according to the USDA food database.

  1. Cold-brew and Brewed Coffee (96 mg caffeine/ 8 oz serving)

  2. Matcha (70 mg/ 8 oz serving) A green team which contains the most antioxidants since the whole leaf is used and ground into powder.

  3. Black tea (48 mg/ 8 oz serving)

  4. Green tea (28.8 mg/ 8 oz serving) High in antioxidants

Keep in mind that if you want to cut back on the caffeine in your coffee, lattes and iced coffees dilute the caffeine levels. Same is true for iced teas.

Try this to up your coffee game at home

Brewed Almond-Milk Latte

8 oz strong brewed coffee

Dilute with home-made vanilla almond milk

Home-Made Almond Milk in 5 minutes

1 cup raw almonds

1 cup water

Blend almonds and water in Vitamix. Strain through a cheesecloth. Add back to rinsed blender. Add organic vanilla extract and sea salt to taste and blend until frothy. Add to coffee and enjoy! Store home-made almond milk in fridge for 2 days.

Tip- Use leftover almond meal to add to gluten-free or nut-based pancakes, muffins, etc.

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