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  • Aynsley Fisher

The Okinawan Secret To Longevity

The Okinawan Diet is legendary. Okinawa refers to a group of 161 islands in the East China Sea between China and Japan. There in Okinawa, it seems the aging process has slowed down. Okinawans are slim, agile with clear and lucid minds. Their population has the highest number of centenarians in the world, some reaching 110 years and older.

Fact: Okinawans are living longer in good health.

Elders remain lean with an adult average BMI 18-22. They stay active and fit engaging in gardening, traditional dance and martial arts. They maintain strong bonds with family and friends. They score high on optimistic attitudes and adaptability. They have a strong sense of purpose which “makes life worth living," or shojin ryori. Their low calorie diet results in a happy benefit of looking younger than their actual age and functioning like younger people.

The Okinawan diet is 80% pant-based, comprised of foods with low caloric density.

90% purple sweet potatoes, vegetables, soy-based foods, whole grains, fruit, and seaweed (kombu), they eat more, but weigh less. At least thee times a week, they enjoy coldwater fish and other seafood. Okinawans flavor their food with antioxidant herbs and spices (turmeric, chili peppers), and indulge in very few sweets. Drink lots of water and tea, alcohol in moderation.

Okinawan Diet Secret To Longevity

Eat 80% plant-based (five colors at every meal)

Enjoy cold-water, low-mercury, fatty fish and or seafood 3 times a week

Flavor food with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich spices like turmeric, ginger, chili peppers.

Drink water and green tea

Limit alcohol and sweets

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